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Papua is not conducive due to the presence of KST


By : Rebecca Marian )*

The condition of security and public order in Papua has never been conducive and safe, all of this trouble and also the disturbance or instability was of course triggered by the presence of gangs from the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KSTP).

The Mobile Yonif Raider 300 / BJW Border Security Task Force (Satgas Pamtas) Tactical Command Post (Kotis) was attacked by the Separatist and Terrorist Group in Papua (KSTP). It wasn’t just an ordinary attack, but this time, the attack also involved a young man who was still in high school (SMA) to become a spy and monitor the movement of the Kotis Ilaga Post, Mobile Pamtas Task Force Raider Yonif 300 / BJW.

Regarding this matter, the Commander of the Mobile Raider 300 Siliwangi Task Force (Dansatgas), Lt. Col. Inf. Afri Swandi Ritonga said that the attack started in the morning at around 07:40 Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT).

It is known that the Pos Kotis Task Force Pamtas Mobile Yonif Raider 200 / BJW is carrying out security as usual at their post. However, in the midst of the security, it turned out that from the direction of SMAN 1 Ilaga there were 2 (two) teenagers who were estimated to be 16 years old with suspicious movements.

The two teenagers were seen continuing to monitor the Task Force Post while playing with their cellphones. Then, considering that recent conditions in the Ilaga District have often seen terror targets and shootings carried out by separatist gangs, the Mobile Task Force Mobile Battalion 300 / BJW immediately mobilized its personnel to carry out inspections. the two teenagers.

The process of examining the high school student was carried out in a humane manner, but from the look on the teenager’s face, one could see that he was very panicked and as if he was refusing to be examined. When the teenager’s cell phone was checked by task force personnel, the teenager immediately ran away and disappeared into the forest and not long after the incident the sound of gunfire was heard from behind the high school which was aimed at the personnel who were carrying out the inspection. 

Lieutenant Colonel Afri Swandi Ritonga then explained that fortunately there were no casualties at all during the incident. With the shots aimed at Task Force 300 personnel, it can be assumed that the two teenagers were indeed assigned by KSTP to spy on the Task Force Post before they finally took action to intensify the attack on the Task Force Post.

He continued, due to the sound of the gunshots, Dansatgas Mobile Yonif Raider 300/BJW immediately deployed three teams led by Pasiops Task Force Mobile Raider 300/BJW, Lt. Inf Dzaky Naufal to chase towards the back of SMAN 1 Ilaga.

During the chase, there was absolutely no retaliatory action carried out by the KSTP group. So the pursuit team also checked several honais that were passed during the pursuit. Until finally, they found one of the honais which contained several suspicious items such as cellphones, arrows, bows, knives, Morning Star flags, flashlights, binoculars, kelogong, chargers, saw heads and other items.

Dansatgas admitted that from this incident it could be concluded that the teenager who ran away when he was about to be questioned was an order and coercion by KSTP to spy on the post, this was shown by the expression on the teenager’s face which was full of fear and compulsion to spy on the Yonif Raider Task Force Post 300/ BJW. And it can also be confirmed that this high school student has also received threats from the KSTP group.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission I of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), Dave Akbarshah Fikarno Laksono assessed that so far the situation and conditions on Earth of Cenderawasih are still not conducive. Of course, with this, according to him, it would be better if the security forces could review the combat strategies and approaches they have used so far in dealing with these treason gangs.

It cannot be denied that so far the number of injured and fatalities due to the actions and movements carried out by KSTP continues to fall and also the conditions on Earth of Cenderawasih itself are still not conducive. So it is necessary that the legal status of the TNI be further strengthened in pursuing the KSTP so that it can make them give up and not carry out their actions again and ensure conditions of security and peace can be realized again in Papua. 

Don’t let it be that if you try to enforce strict laws, it will be associated with human rights violations and so on, because in fact it is the separatist gangs that are actually violating human rights more.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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