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BIN Take advantage System Intelligence Disaster Handling Assistance Earthquake Cianjur


By: Shenna Aprilya Zahra )*

Intelligence Agency (BIN) takes advantage super advanced technology with many feature useful , named System Intelligence Disaster ( SiBe ) with destination for To do handling earthquake land in the District Cianjur to be far more maximum .

Help handling earthquake land in the District Cianjur Keep going conducted by the State Intelligence Agency with maximum maybe . it _ of course addressed for give the best to citizens , in particular they are victims disaster earthquake and be representation concrete form presence of the state in the middle society .

Not responsibility , even the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is called as institution first successful _ apply use technology advanced in framework carry out related monitoring handling disaster earthquake earth Cianjur it . Use technology used _ named System Intelligence Disaster ( SiBe ).

SiBe alone is a system with a digital application base that is special of course built and developed directly at the BIN Research and Development Center. With apply system technology advanced SiBe , even in it already very complete various type information and data, start from the danger zone , vulnerability , capacity response including risk earthquake earth .

About Thing said , Head of BIN, General Pol ( Purn ) Budi Gunawan explain that of course whole information that happened regards System Intelligence Disaster ( SiBe ) capable for draw whole situation disaster even in detail. With picture informed by SiBe , then _ capable used as ingredient treatment and coping with far more ok .

No only just implemented in Cianjur course , but he confess if later SiBe will too implemented in other affected areas disaster for can help handling with far more maximum again . With exists help technology advanced said , Budi Gunawan confess that operationalization handling disaster on his part do can helped and walked with more ok .

Application SiBe is also possible for can more ensure how condition environment affected immediately _ conducive . When the whole area is affected already Becomes conducive , then in a manner distribution automatically _ logistics alone to whole inhabitant affected disaster will Becomes more mapped with clear .

Turns out , System Intelligence Disaster ( SiBe ) developed by BIN no only containing about information related situation and place disaster only , but also equipped with very useful feature , ie can analyze all form possible hoax information just currently growing in the middle of refugee areas and also the community around location . When the hoax information capable answered with right , then automatically the community too alone capable quick mitigated and brought about to remote location _ more safe .

Because no can undeniably , even Thing that be one _ enough scourge _ seriously , that is when party team volunteer already work hard for quick To do evacuation and mitigation to citizens , however it turns out still many spreading hoax information so that influence pattern think them and complicate effort evacuation as well as mitigation carried out . So from that use SiBe Becomes many very the benefits .

Other features available in SiBe developed _ directly at the BIN Research and Development Center regarding the live Automatic Weather Station (AWS). connected with the main server at Headquarters Big BIN. With existence of this AWS , then ability for prediction weather Becomes far more accurate to help all processes run smoothly in operational handling disaster , incl earthquake earth in Cianjur .

More continued , the Head of BIN hoped that with utilization technology technology developed by him _ the , ie SiBe , then the whole handling process disaster , mainly after incident can going on with far more precise and effective again .

On the other hand, when there is possibility and risk or various impact bad other expected can minimized consequence help various type available features _ in technology advanced the . So that safety whole inhabitant refugees until the volunteers become _ awake .

Related with many feature which is owned by SiBe , Head of Research and Development Center ( Puslitbang ) BIN , Armi Susandi explain that System Intelligence Disaster even so far this still not yet many developed by researchers all over the world .

Naturally with Thing the Becomes immense pride _ normal , because his side capable develop applications and technology as sophisticated SiBe with extraordinary benefit _ normal for safety humans , mainly when want To do handling disaster .

Armi confirm that BIN was the first to introduce it use technology with many feature advanced the . Then next can used and utilized for help many handling disasters , including the one that was the moment this , ie for earthquake victims land in the District Cianjur .

Great appreciation _ proper given to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) because of course since beginning knowing how news exists earthquake earth in Cianjur , they direct very swiftly _ give many very helpful help _ for inhabitant affected . Also included with utilization super advanced technology It was SiBe who turned out same very not yet many developed by other researchers in the world.

)* Author is a contributor to Ruang Baca Nusantara

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