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Ensure State Security and Sovereignty, TNI Builds Headquarters in Papua New Guinea


The development of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua, of course, needs to be supported by strengthening the sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). In order to strengthen state sovereignty and security, it is necessary to build a TNI Headquarters in the Papua New Guinea. This was also emphasized by the TNI Commander Yudo Margono.

Panglima Yudo said that his party would increase the military command (kodam) in Papua, including in Central Papua and South Papua which are part of the division of the Papua Province. Specifically in Nabire, Central Papua there will also be an increase in TNI headquarters from all dimensions.

Yudo explained, the Naval Headquarters in Nabire is already Lanal type D, maybe it can be upgraded to type C. The Indonesian Air Force Base is also the same. There will be a Kodim there, maybe it can be upgraded to a Korem. Once the provincial government is established, of course the TNI apparatus will follow.

The Commander also stated that the upgrade of the TNI headquarters must meet certain requirements so that it will be adjusted accordingly. For the needs of personnel, so far non-commissioned officers and enlisted men have been trained every 6 months, so all that remains is to do personnel shifts. As for the need for new land in Central Papua for the construction or improvement of the TNI headquarters, the Commander in Chief said that his party had spoken with the governor’s official.

Panglima Yudo also plans to add 800 personnel to be stationed in the Bumi Cenderawasih area. Therefore, he admitted that currently he is pushing territorial forces to prepare the Military Resort Command (Korem), Kodim to the District Military Command (Koramil). Not only that, he is also discussing with the Chief of Staff of the Navy and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (KSAU) regarding plans to establish a TNI AL base and an Indonesian Air Force base, as an implication of forming a new autonomous region in the Papua region.

On a different occasion, the Head of the Army Information Service (Kadispenad) Brigadier General Hamim Tohari said the formation of the regional military command (kodam) in the New Autonomous Region of Papua certainly requires a process that is not easy. Moreover, the formation of the regional military command is certainly related to infrastructure. Regions that already have a resort military command (Korem), forming a regional military command is relatively easy.

Currently, for example, in Lampung Province there is already a Korem, this of course can become an embryo for forming a Kodam more easily. But for new autonomous regions, for example in Papua, this will definitely require a process that is not easy. Hamim also explained that in general the TNI AD’s proposal to form a regional military command in each province is still being processed. Currently, there are a total of 15 regional military command units throughout Indonesia.

Previously, the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army (KSAD) General Dudung Abdurachman stated his side’s plan to establish regional military command headquarters in every province in Indonesia. Later, Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto said that the plan to add the regional military command was in accordance with the overall people’s defense and security system (sishankamrata), which is the defense system adopted by Indonesia.

Previously, it should be noted that the development of new autonomous regions aims to bring services closer to the welfare of the people in Papua. The government is also paying serious attention to providing the presence of new autonomous regions in Papua in the hope of bringing services closer to the community.

Based on the mechanism, after the proposal is received by Commander Admiral Yudo, it will be brought to the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan). From the Ministry of Defense, the proposal was then forwarded to the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB). The Commander will also propose to the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense will later propose to MenPAN-RB. Of course, later it will also be discussed with the Minister of Finance, because this is related to budget issues

The construction of the TNI Headquarters in the Papua New Guinea is a concrete manifestation of the government’s attention to the Papua New Guinea. The problem of security threats in Papua will continue to occur if the government is not present to oversee the sustainability of the life of the indigenous Papuan people. So the government needs to be present to pay more attention and ensure that the Papuan people can carry out their activities safely.

Dudung said that there were a number of challenges in the plan to form regional military command units in each province. Dudung also said the need for balance with police elements. This is done for the sake of state sovereignty and state security.

The Papua region which borders other countries certainly requires better coordination in the security sector. Moreover, some areas in Papua are classified as difficult to pass by land vehicles. So that the construction of the TNI headquarters in the new autonomous region is expected to be able to improve coordination and provide a sense of security to the people living in Papua.

So far, the TNI apparatus has always used a humanist approach when dealing with problems of security disturbances in Papua. This proves that TNI personnel have a big role in creating security in Papua.

Protecting Papua requires joint coordination, both with the security forces, traditional leaders and the community in general. Of course, in order to support the performance of the apparatus in maintaining sovereignty and security in Papua. The TNI needs a new headquarters to improve services and coordination.

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