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Condemns KST Papua’s Sadistic Action Injures TNI/Polri


The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) again carried out a sadistic action against the security forces on March 26, 2022. The community strongly condemned the atrocity because it was beyond the limits of humanity.

The peace and tranquility of Papua has been disturbed again after the attack by the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) on the security forces. As a result of the attack carried out by the gang, 10 TNI soldiers from the 3rd Marine Infantry Battalion were shot and injured, 2 of them, Lieutenant M Iqbal and Private Mar Wilson Anderson, were declared dead.

Papuan separatist groups have long been a source of conflict for Papua. The group was originally referred to as the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB), but has now been labeled as the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). In fact, BIN’s vigilance has actually been tightened since March 2021, seeing how their actions so far have been categorized as criminal acts of terrorism.

It is undeniable that the label was given, because the basis is also solid as stated by Wawan Hari Purwanto as Deputy VII of BIN that the group has used violence so that it can cause widespread fear and even lead to large casualties. It was also said by a Socio-Political Observer at Pasundan University, Bandung, Dr. Tugiman, S.H., M.S that they have damaged public facilities and made the atmosphere of peace become tense again so that it has the potential to disrupt national security stability.

Some of the actions of KST Papua or the West Papua National Army-Free Papua Organization (PNPB-OPM) are so disturbing that it is not surprising that we have to condemn and condemn them. It is known that in 2017, they had taken hostage to around 1,300 residents, they were also reported to have shot a teacher to a high school student in 2021.

Of course, as citizens, we must also fully support the actions of the Government and all security forces to crush them. The suppression of this terrorist group cannot run smoothly if it does not get full support from the community. Therefore, there have been efforts from the state to also ask citizens for help so that they continue to be vigilant and report if they encounter intruders or suspicious actions and are suspected to be related to the group.

We must really break this vicious cycle of violence and lest there be any more feelings of revenge that will actually lead to endless wars in the future. In addition, we must also be able to encourage the Government to carry out dialogue with indigenous Papuans to accommodate all their aspirations.

The various efforts that have been carried out are expected to be able to completely crush Papuan separatist and terrorist groups to recreate national security stability and keep Indonesia at peace without war. It should be noted that the Government of Indonesia is currently promoting a welfare approach in order to end the conflict in Papua. However, this strategy turned out to be disrupted by KST Papua.

The community fully supports law enforcement efforts against KST Papua which has been hampering development. The provocation that has been carried out by KST to secede should also continue to be resisted because Indonesia is a unitary state that stretches from Sabang to Merauke. With the joint movement to crush separatism, it is hoped that peace on Cenderawasih earth will return.

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