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Supporting Law Enforcement Against Papuan Separatist Groups


By: Rebecca Marian) *

Papuan separatist groups are getting crazy because they carried out several killings in the near future. The victims ranged from civilians to the head of BIN. Their atrocities must be dealt with firmly and the people support law enforcement, for the sake of justice in Papua.

In recent weeks, Papua has been burning up because of the KKB. They arbitrarily set fire to the school building and killed their teacher at the same time 2 people. Even a high school student also lost his life. They became victims because they were accused of spying for the TNI, even though this was only cruel slander and was completely not based on facts.

Apart from civil society, victims were also from the apparatus. Head of BIN for Papua Region I Gusti Putu Danny Karya Nugraha died because he was shot by KKB members. Likewise with a Brimob member named I Komang Wiranatha who also lost his life. Meanwhile, 2 of his colleagues were injured, namely Bripka M Saifudin and Ipda Anton Tonapa.

The victim was allegedly shot by an armed group led by Lekagak Telengan. They act cunningly by attacking via sniper, so that even the authorities can become victims. The pursuit of Telengan cs’s greatest continues. Especially after the KKB was declared a terrorist group by the government. They continue to be trapped so as not to act on Earth of Paradise.

The community also supports law enforcement against the KKB. Because if they are allowed to, they will continue to create chaos in Papua. The KKB attacks that were inconsequential and that led to burning schools certainly hurt the community. Because the children will find it difficult to continue their schooling if the building doesn’t exist.

If a KKB member is arrested, then he could get entangled in Article 406 of the Criminal Code, paragraph 1, because he deliberately damaged public facilities. The penalty is imprisonment of 2 years and 8 months. The threat of punishment is no joke, because if the KKB destroys the school, it is tantamount to prohibiting sons from being intelligent. If you have this, what is the quality of future leaders?

Then in the case of shooting against the apparatus, KKB members could be hit by Article 338, because their actions took their lives. The sentence is 15 years in prison. Imprisonment for that long was deemed appropriate, because the KKB killed other people and fought the authorities openly.

In the case of this shooting, it could also be categorized as premeditated murder, because the KKB must have made a plot for them to shoot precisely and kill the security forces. They can be subject to Article 390 with a sentence of 20 years or a maximum of life imprisonment. In fact, they can also be charged under article 340 with the death penalty.

Law enforcement with the consequences of the death penalty is not cruel, because the KKB has crossed the line. After all, doesn’t life pay for life? Logically, if they don’t want to be jailed, then don’t break the law and repent to the right path by surrendering to the police.

Nor should anyone think that the government and the apparatus are violating human rights. Because it was the KKB that violated the human rights of others first by shooting until the victim was killed. If this issue is brought to an international forum, they will definitely defend Indonesia and reject the KKB and OPM reports.

If all the killers are defended on the grounds of human rights violations, then the prison will be free from the suspect of murder. Even though this will be very dangerous because they could commit crimes in the future. Do not abuse human rights affairs and let thieves scream thieves.

Law enforcement against the KKB must be carried out fairly. Because they have committed crimes many times, from shooting to premeditated murder. The entire apparatus continues to hunt down the KKB so that the separatist organization will disappear from the face of the earth.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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