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Spreading Terror in Papua, KST Must Be Suppressed


By : Hendrik Pattipawae )*

KST (Separatist and Terrorist Group) carried out a terror attack in Yahukimo, Papua. As a result, there were victims from the security forces. Yahukimo residents also fled because they were afraid of KST attacks. This separatist group must be crushed so that it no longer disturbs the safety of the Papuan people.

Separatist and Terrorist groups are part of the Free Papua Organization. They use weapons to frighten people and fight security forces. The existence of KST is certainly disturbing, because they are running rampant, attacking and causing casualties.

In August 2023, KST carried out an attack in Yahukimo, Papua. Dandim 1715/Yahukimo Lieutenant Colonel Inf Tommy Yudistyo said information about the attack started at around 11.20 WIT. KST, who opened fire, was responded by soldiers serving at the 7th Marine Battalion Task Force Post on Jalan Yahuli, Lower Paradiso Km 6, Dekai District, Yahukimo, Papua Mountains.

Lieutenant Colonel Inf Tommy Yudistyo continued, the KST attack resulted in Marine soldier Pratu Agung Pramudi Laksono (27) being shot dead. The cause of the attack is thought to be because KST in Yahukimo did not want a TNI-Polri post there.

TNI officers together with Cartenz Peace Task Force personnel also went to the location to evacuate Pratu Agung who was reported to have suffered injuries when the gunfire occurred. Pratu Agung was successfully evacuated at around 12.25 WIT.

The victim was then rushed to the Dekai Regional General Hospital (RSUD) for treatment. However, Pratu Agung was reported to have died at 12.40 WIT. Meanwhile, Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri said that Pratu Agung died before being treated. The victim died on the way to hospital.

KST must be crushed because this is not the first time they have carried out an attack. On March 8 2023 KST attacked residents on Jalan Poros Logpond, Dekai District, Yahukimo. In that incident there were 2 victims who were Papuans.

When KST attacked a security post, it was certainly very detrimental because the authorities were there to protect the people. But unfortunately they hate the authorities because they feel that soldiers are the enemy. Then KST carried out an attack and started a war.

Then, when KST attacked the Papuan people, it was of course very regrettable. Innocent citizens became victims, they even lost their lives. They are always accused of being spies for the authorities, even though they are just ordinary people, and KST’s actions are too cruel, so they need to be crushed. Killing native Papuans is a big crime and they have the heart to take the lives of their own tribesmen.

Because of KST’s actions, the people of Yahukimo are afraid. A total of 40 families of residents fled to Dekai District, the capital city of Yahukimo. They chose to flee to the city because they were worried about their family’s safety.

Residents who are protecting themselves are spread across four shelter points, namely at SMKN 1 Dekai Complex, Pasema Social Complex KM 2, Social Housing KM 4 and Silimo Kali Merah Complex. For the residents’ needs, security forces have coordinated with the local government so that there is assistance during they protect themselves.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri stated that the Head of Intel, Head of Community Development Unit assisted the Deputy Chief of Police to immediately build a bridge with the community so that the community did not feel abandoned. Security forces are trying to control the security situation in Yahukimo so that the entire community can return to normal activities without having to worry that they will become victims of KST’s actions.

Fakhiri also wants people not to take risks by carrying out activities outside areas monitored by the authorities.

KST carried out an attack that caused casualties to both officers and civilians. Because of KST, people fled. Therefore, KST eradication must be taken seriously. Politician Ahmad Sahroni also stated that KST was intolerable. The authorities must immediately take firm and harsh action against the rebels.

The authorities continue to carry out security and pursuit in the context of the mission to eradicate KST. In order to eradicate KST, the TNI decided to hold a combat alert operation. The TNI has increased military operations from a soft approach to combat alert operations in several areas considered prone to terror attacks by armed criminal groups (KST) in Papua. 

What does combat alert operation mean? Combat alert is a status of military operations that requires a soldier to be alert for the threat of enemy attack. It is hoped that with this operation, efforts to eradicate KST will proceed more quickly.

Meanwhile, the community supports the authorities in their mission to eradicate KST. The reason is that they carry out terror too often so that the Papuan people are afraid. Don’t let there be further victims, whether from civilians or security forces. Therefore, the pursuit of KST continues.

KST terrorized the Papuan people and attacked security posts, causing casualties among the security forces. The residents of Yahukimo became frightened and fled en masse. However, they continued to be persuaded and kept safe so that they would not feel terrorized. Meanwhile, the authorities continue to pursue KST so that the mission to eradicate the separatist group is successful.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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