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Catching Munarman ‘ve Right


By: Firza Ahmad) *

Former General Secretary of FPI Munarman was finally arrested by the police for being involved in terrorism on Tuesday (27/4) . This police action is considered appropriate as a form of implementation of the eradication of radicalism and terror.

Former General Secretary (sekum) of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Munarman, has been secured by the police, Munarman’s arrest was apparently linked to a criminal act of terrorism. This has been confirmed by the Kapolsek Tanah Abang, AKBP Singgih Hermawan.

Previously Munarman had appeared when a suspicious object was found, the object with the words ‘FPI Munarman’ found in a shop located in the Limo area, Depok City, West Java.

              The suspicious object was a can that was wrapped in paper. When the discovery, the Gegana team was deployed to immediately move quickly to the location and conduct checks.

              Munarman also argued that he had no connection with the suspicious object that reads ‘FPI Munarman’.

              Meanwhile, Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Hengki Haryadi said that the former FPI secretary was arrested as a suspect on suspicion of involvement in criminal acts of terrorism.

              He said that currently the Central Jakarta Police, assisted by the TNI, were providing security assistance to the Densus 88 team which was conducting searches around the FPI headquarters in Petamburan.

              Meanwhile, the Public Information Division of the Human Rights Division of the National Police, Kombes (Pol) Ahmad Ramadhan, said the former general secretary of FPI would be brought to Polda Metro Jaya for examination.

              Ramadhan explained that the reason for Munarman’s arrest was the alleged involvement of the Baiat case at the State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta. Apart from that, Munarman was also involved in the Baiat case in Makassar and Medan.

              He continued, the police have also revealed a number of evidence in the form of a search conducted by the Densus 88 Anti-terror at the former FPI headquarters.

              This search was carried out in connection with the arrest of the former General Secretary of FPI Munarman in connection with cases of allegiance activities against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or ISIS which were carried out in Jakarta, Makassar and Medan.

              During the press conference, Ramadhan said that the police found several tubes containing the powder that was put in a bottle, where the powder contains nitrate which is very high in acetone type. Then also found several plastic bottles filled with TATP (triacetone triperoxide) liquid.

              The police also said that TATP was a highly flammable chemical. Explosives that use these chemical liquids are classified as “high explosive” or high explosive power .

              Ramadhan assessed that the findings of a number of explosives were similar to evidence confiscated when the police arrested terrorists in Condet, East Jakarta and Bekasi, West Java some time ago. The explosives would later be investigated by investigators from Densus 88 Polri.

              Apart from explosives, the former FPI headquarters was also found to have kept several attributes of community organizations, along with a number of documents.

              The police have also brought three large white boxes to the FPI Headquarters Secretariat in a minibus to the Police Headquarters. A number of police officers were seen escorting him.

              Based on police statements, Munarman is suspected of having motivated other people to commit criminal acts of terrorism, have bad consensus to commit criminal acts of terrorism and withhold information about criminal acts of terrorism.

              Previously, at the beginning of February 2021, the police had said that if Munarman was proven to have been involved in the mass embodiment of ISIS, then do not hope that Munarman could escape the law.

              The allegation of Munarman’s involvement was also strengthened by one of the suspected terrorists from the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah Network (JAD) who was also a sympathizer for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Ahmad Aulia said that there was a central FPI leader who was present in the mass pledge to ISIS.

              Ahmad said he took allegiance to Daulatul Islam leading Daulatul Islam Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. When the FPI declared supporting Daulatul Islam in January 2015, he took allegiance at that time along with 100 FPI sympathizers and troops.

              Ahmad admitted that this mass pledge was carried out at the FPI Headquarters in Makassar, South Sulawesi. He also claimed that Munarman was present at the mass initiation.

              The decision to arrest Munarman was certainly the right decision, especially after the confession of a former FPI member and the discovery of explosives at the former FPI headquarters.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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