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Fight Hoax and Prevent the Spread of Covid-19


By: Yulita (Bogor City Blogger and Pasundan University Communication Science Student)

Based on the hoax issue report, the Directorate of Informatics Application Control, Kemenkominfo reported as many as 1,237 hoaxes about Covid-19 and its handling efforts until 23 November 2020.

The number of issues and hoax content proves that there are still irresponsible people who try to divide the unity and spread the pessimism virus towards the government’s efforts to handle Covid-19.

If anyone protests, even insults the government’s decision, it must be stopped. Because it is not certain that the offender if given the task of leading will be able to do better. Fighting hoaxes and negative content surrounding health protocol policies is clear evidence that the public supports the government’s efforts to deal with Covid-19.

Because after all the government is the party that is given authority by the people, therefore the government has the power to make policies and take steps that are concerned with society, namely the health and safety of the community.

The government is of course very concerned about every step or policy to overcome the effects of the pandemic, including reducing the death toll due to Covid-19. One of these efforts or policies, namely issuing sanctions for violators of health protocols, creating New Habitual Adaptation (IMR) rules, and preparing several economic assistance packages for people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, government policies will not go according to plan without the cooperation of the community. Meanwhile, there are still many people who are apathetic and selfish by not obeying the regulations that have been made by the government, which results in active cases of Covid-19 becoming difficult to control, even the death toll continues to increase.

The Indonesian people can certainly get through these difficult times by still obeying the regulations given by the government and not ignoring them and not being apathetic to the surrounding conditions. Meanwhile, the government will not ignore its people, it will give the best by all means.

Okay, because the public is expected to always oversee and create a conducive situation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, including in the line of public media by delivering valid information about government policies to build resilience and public health towards a resilient Indonesia.

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