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Rizieq Shihab Behave Badly During the Trial


By: Zakaria) *

Rizieq Shihab’s behavior seems irreversible, especially since he has the courage to point at the public prosecutor (JPU) while scolding him for having convicted him of organizing the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
This bad behavior further confirms that he is not a religious figure who deserves to be followed.
Rizieq Shihab’s trial continues. As if it was appropriate if this former FPI frontman was referred to as a denial ahlul, where when his rebuttal was approved or not, he would become more and more like a beard fire.

Rizieq Shihab felt angry when he asked the witness of the Jakarta Satpol PP, Arifin, regarding whether or not there were cases of health prokes violations that were brought to trial.

Then, the leader of the Jakarta Satpol PP replied that all violations of the health protocol must be dealt with in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Hearing the answer, Rizieq then hastened while denying it, means that all other Prokes violations are subject to sanctions? “
After that, a debate arose, in which the prosecutor judged that Rizieq’s question was asked only to lead the witnesses.

The prosecutor at the trial finally interrupted the defendant’s objection to have directed or led from the witness.
By insisting, even Rizieq Shihab rejected the accusation. Then he asked the prosecutor to explain the form of escorting the questions he asked.

Rizieq Shihab also persisted in his argument, he rose from his chair and appointed a prosecutor and touched on the criminal issue of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

This debate did not last long, until finally the debate between Rizieq and the prosecutor was stopped by the panel of judges. And ask that both parties can calm down.
Naik Pitamnya Rizieq Shihab has been trained since the previous years. His style of speech also never changes, he is quick as if he is hostile.

Rizieq’s tantrum style seems to get a response from netizens, Facebook account owner Zakesa Ekky said, if you like to go berserk, what’s the difference between you and Ahok who likes to talk uphill. Oh yeah, because Ahok is an infidel is clearly a sinner, if the believers are of course free.
It seems that Rizieq Shihab’s anger got a response from Dewi Tanjung. The PDI-P politician made a strong insinuation for the former FPI frontman who was seen arguing with the Public Prosecutor in the East Jakarta District Court room.

Dewi also joked that if Rizieq was angry, it was a sign that Rizieq was missing himself.

He considered that Rizieq’s statement had no value at all. Therefore, he asked all parties not to be provoked by an unpleasant attitude.

He also hopes that the judge can immediately sentence Rizieq Shihab before Eid. This was because he did not want the Eid atmosphere to be disturbed by the actions of the number 1 person in FPI.

Previously, Ferdinan Hutahaean, a former politician from the Democratic Party, Ferdinan Hutahaean, predicted that Rizieq would receive seven years in prison. According to him, this could happen because the prosecutor was upset with Rizieq’s attitude during the trial process

On a different occasion, University of Indonesia (UI) lecturer and communication expert Ade Armando considered that Rizieq was currently falling from the figure of the high priest who was hailed as a helpless prisoner.

Ade also suspected that Rizieq Shihab was suffering from depression as well as frustration, this was manifested in his angry behavior at the East Jakarta Court.

He said that Rizieq was experiencing a free fall from someone who was hailed, considered the High Imam of the Islamic Community, now a helpless prisoner.

Chairperson of the Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) Doni Monardo in his written statement said that the DKI Task Force Team apparently did not discriminate against those who violated health protocols, especially those who did not wear masks at night held in Petamburan.

Marius Widjajarta as a health observer, previously always questioned the absence of a warning given by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. So that the FPI High Priest arbitrarily violates the health protocol.

However, now Rizieq Shihab has enjoyed the cold atmosphere inside the iron bars. Of course, he must be responsible for his actions, namely inviting the masses to gather, even though the status of the corona virus pandemic has not ended.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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