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The Community Needs to Implement Strict Procedures during the Emergency PPKM Period


By: Dede Sulaiman )*

Emergency PPKM makes people have to implement strict health protocols, because if you have reduced mobility but are lazy to wear masks, the result can be infected with Corona . Obey every rule in the emergency PPKM so that the body is healthy and not easily infected with the Covid- 19 virus .

Are you still loyal to wearing a mask even if you only go to the mini market near your house? A year of pandemic has made many people finally get used to wearing masks and obeying other health protocols. But unfortunately there are still those who don’t obey it, maybe because they are tired of the regulations during the pandemic or something else.

This regulation is not made to make people miserable, but to save their lives. The reason is because wearing a mask can prevent droplets from OTG, and we don’t know who has OTG status out there. The tightening of health protocols is also enforced during the emergency PPKM period.

PPKM emergency in force until 20 J uly 2021 making people’s mobility is very limited because there is insulation between cities / districts and provinces. This regulation is also in accordance with one of the points in the health protocol, namely reducing mobility. The reason is that mass movements can increase Corona cases in an area.

The chairman of the Barisan Pemuda Melayu (BPM) Pontianak, Gusti Edi, stated that the community must implement health protocols during PPKM, so that the area is free from the red zone. Pontianak is one of the cities in Borneo included in PPKM zone and entered into force on 12 J uly to 20 J uly 2021.

Gusti Edi added, hopefully if the emergency PPKM is implemented, then no other regencies will have a red zone status. In a sense, if the status of the zone drops from red to orange or yellow, even green, then the community will benefit. The reason is because they can carry out their activities as usual because they are not subject to strict rules during PPKM.

Community cohesiveness needs to be encouraged in order to reduce the status of zones in an area. The trick is to strictly implement health protocols during emergency PPKM, so that everyone is disciplined and finally Corona cases decrease. The reason is because there is no transmission of the Covid- 19 virus , after many always wear masks and follow other health protocols.

The current health protocol is not only 5M but also 10M. The points are added by maintaining air circulation, maintaining immunity, changing clothes, maintaining environmental hygiene, and increasing body resistance. All must be obeyed so as not to be exposed to Corona , both from droplets and the air, because the Corona delta variant can spread only when passing by OTG aka via air.

Implementing the 10M health protocol during an emergency PPKM is very easy, because it only takes intention and discipline and hope that the pandemic will end soon. For example the point of changing clothes, after work or the market you have to change clothes and if you can take a shower plus wash your hair to make it extra clean. The cleanliness of the house must also be maintained so that everything is hygienic.

If people are lazy to apply the 10M health protocol during emergency PPKM, it will be difficult because mobility is limited but still many people neglect to wear masks. In addition, many are desperate to break through barriers or find a way for rats, even though it is clear that there is a prohibition against going far. As a result, many have contracted Corona because of their own delinquency.

Emergency PPKM is not a prison that makes people not free to wander, but rules that are made for their own safety. When emergency PPKM is implemented, it must be accompanied by discipline in implementing the 10M health protocol. The goal is to keep everyone safe from Corona .

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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