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Head of BIN: Regional Leaders to Anticipate and Prepare for the Dark Year 2023


Jakarta – The Head of the State Intelligence Agency, General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan, appealed to all regional heads throughout Indonesia to prepare as well as possible for 2023. This year is considered a dark and uncertain year.

He conveyed this while speaking at the 2023 National Coordination Meeting of Regional Heads and Regional Leadership Communication Forums (Forkopimda) throughout Indonesia, at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor, last Tuesday (17/1).

“Foresight from world intelligence describes that 2023 is a dark and full of uncertainty (winter is coming). There are also those who describe 2023 as being haunted by the threat of recession and inflation whose impact will affect areas that are hit and felt by the household economy in corners of the city in the district to remote villages,” said Budi Gunawan.

In intelligence analysis there are several potential threats. The first Russian-Ukrainian war is predicted to be long-lasting and has the potential to use nuclear weapons. The war has also disrupted the world’s energy and food supplies.

The former deputy chief of the Indonesian National Police also mentioned the increasingly alarming geopolitical conditions of China and Taiwan and could affect world logistics routes. As a result, countries can think narrowly of nationalism to secure their own domestic needs.

“The geopolitical conditions of China and Taiwan will also be even more apprehensive because they will affect world logistics routes. As a result, countries can become narrow-minded nationalism which is done to secure their respective domestic needs. Italy currently has the potential to experience an electricity and food crisis,” he said.

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