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The Public Must Respect Lukas Enembe’s Legal Process


By : Saby Kossay )*

The corruption  case involving Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe is a despicable act and must be thoroughly investigated for harming the Papuan people. Therefore, the community, especially Papuans, must respect the legal process of Lukas Enembe.

The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, is a suspect in a corruption and gratification case worth billions of rupiah. However, his legal process faltered because he strongly rejected the call of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), and remained  in his home in Papua. According to the rules, if you have been absent 2 times from the call, a forced pick-up will be carried out. But Luke still insisted on not wanting to come with the excuse of stroke and heart pain.

Lukas’ case was getting longer and longer because there were some Papuans standing guard in front of the governor’s house and trying not to get him picked up by the KPK. Sadly, some are on standby while carrying traditional weapons, as if they want to invite war. Whereas as good citizens, they should not defend the guilty, including the governor of Papua.

Papuans should respect Lukas Enembe’s legal process and let the KPK work. Moreover, the case is corruption and what is taken is people’s money. Don’t interfere with those who are none of his business and instead defend the thief who has secretly stolen their money.

Theo Litaay, The Main Expert of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), stated that the Papuan people should respect the legal process being faced by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe. The government wants to improve good governance throughout Indonesia. The goal is to promote a clean and authoritative government.

In a sense, if there is an application of good governance, then all mistakes in local governments must be eliminated. Including if there is corruption and gratification. Normalization of mistakes such as corruption is also a mistake, and since the era of reform the KKN (corruption, collusion, nepotism) must be eradicated because it harms the government and society.

The public should have truly respected Lukas Enembe’s legal process and not be outraged that his idol governor was made a suspect. Nor should they accuse there of any political conspiracy behind Luke’s pick-up plan. The reason is because this case is purely corruption and the KPK has been investigating and collecting evidence since 2017.

One of the pieces of evidence in Lukas’ case was a CCTV video of him gambling abroad. It was confirmed that he was gambling with money from corruption, moreover, moreover, more than 500 billion rupiah was also found in the casino’s account. Meanwhile, Lukas’ personal account has also been frozen and the contents are more than 70 billion rupiah.

Lukas Enembe was indeed a governor but in the eyes of the law he was still an ordinary person, so could not be immune from the law. Papuans should not defend Lukas too much because he is indeed guilty. They should have seen also the video when Lukas was engrossed in gambling, is this the behavior of the leader they love? It’s really disappointing. People should also use the logic that with his salary, Lukas could not have money up to billions of rupiah.

Meanwhile, KPK Spokesperson Ali Fikri emphasized that Lukas Enembe must be cooperative. He remindedthe public and all parties not to obstruct the investigation process in this corruption case. The reason is because in Article 21 of the Tipikor Law (corruption crime), it is stated that those who obstruct the investigation will face a sentence of 12 years in prison.

This threat of punishment is not fooling around and must be understood by society. Lest when there is a forced pick-up by the KPK and the authorities, the Papuans on guard even threaten with arrows and other traditional weapons. The KPK came not to fight, but to enforce the law in Indonesia. The public should have understood, because otherwise they would be in danger of being hounded as well.

Papuans must respect Lukas Enembe’s legal process and allow the KPK to interrogate until it is complete. As a suspect, Lukas should have been brought to the KPK. Instead of being protected by the people on humanitarian grounds. Isn’t it reversed when a criminal is even protected all out? What would this country be like if a suspect was even protected on the grounds of being seriously ill?

Ali Fikri also reminded Lukas Enembe’s legal team not to obstruct the KPK investigation. In a sense, they intervened too much and troubled the performance of the KPK. The team of lawyers continued to provoke citizens to defend Lukas. No wonder many residents are standing guard in front of the governor’s mansion in Jayapura-Papua, even up to a radius of 200 meters.

People, especially Papuans, should be aware that Lukas Enembe has committed corruption and gratification. Do not actually defend and hinder the performance of the KPK. They should have respected the legal process and allowed the KPK to make forced pick-ups to Papua. Luke has already been found guilty, therefore he should be left to account for all his deeds.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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